Sponsorship is one of the best ways to increase your fundraising potential and to align with businesses that share your philanthropic goals.

For online auctions, pop-up shops, donate pages and ticketing sites there is the option to add a rolling sponsor header to your page and we can work with you if you would also like the sponsor to be featured elsewhere.

If you’re running a live event auction there is plenty you can do to offer an attractive sponsorship package, including:

  • – Full-page adverts or editorial in auction brochures and programmes for the evening
  • – Named headline sponsor on the invitation
  • – Opportunities to include branded items at the event i.e. pens, bidding paddles
  • – Opportunity for the sponsor to include an auction lot on the evening
  • – Sponsor logos and accreditation on screens throughout the event

If you’re struggling for ideas ask one of the jumblebee team who can help brainstorm with you to put some ideas together.

Also have a look at our fundraising ideas page. You can set the sponsorship fee to whatever you like and all funds raised will go directly to you.