How to set up your ticketing shop

Step by step

Your online ticket shop is quick and easy to set up:
1. Select if you’re selling tickets across multiple days or just for a one-off event
2. Select if you’re selling different ticket types at different prices
3. Add the amount of tickets available and the duration you’d like them to be on sale for
4. If you need to know any specific information (such as holder name, age, dietary requirements etc.) you can simply add that as a custom field
5. Personalise your ticket page – add some pictures, let people know what they’re buying and what cause they are donating towards
6. Select whether you want it to be a private event or not – this determines whether or not if can be publicly displayed on the jumblebee website, creating additional interest in it, or whether only people you send the link to can access the page

You’re ready to go – send out your ticket url and wait for those sales to role in!

Simple set up, simple management

On the night you can open up your guest list on your tablet, mobile or computer and check off guests as they arrive. If you prefer a clipboard and pen you can also print out the guest list from our ticket page and check guests in that way.

Something not working for you? Still unsure? Check out our ticketing FAQs or get in touch with us now.

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