Online Ticketing System

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Whether you’re organising a wine tasting for 10 or a flagship summer ball for 1,010, chances are an online ticketing system will help with your organisation. Through jumblebee you can set up a ticket platform for any event, or range of events, at any price. Setting up an online ticketing platform is easy, usually taking less than five minutes. It’s also free to use – jumblebee will take 3% of the final proceedings – so if you don’t sell any tickets it doesn’t cost you a penny. If your tickets are free or you want to use the page as an RSVP to know final numbers then jumblebee doesn’t take anything either. It’s as simple as that, no hidden costs, just another great fundraising platform for you to use! If you are also running a live auction through jumblebee we will waive the 3% so you can run your ticket shop free of charge!

Easy to use

The jumblebee ticketing platform is very user friendly; you can personalise it and you can sell tickets for the same event that is running over several nights (great for school plays!) You can also set different ticket types, i.e. student tickets, family passes or concessions. You can control the quantity and we’ll let you (and your customers) know once the tickets have sold out.

If you’re planning on running an online raffle prize draw this is another feature we’re able to provide through our ticketing platform!

One step at a time

We’ve put together a step by step guide for you to follow when setting up your ticketing page. If you’re interested in running an event but are still looking for inspiration check out our fundraising ideas. If you’ve still got questions about our ticketing system check out our ticketing FAQs or contact us.

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