How an online raffle works

Simple to set up

With a similar look and feel to a jumblebee ticket shop the raffle system is very simple to use for both organisers and guests. You are completely in control and can set how many raffle tickets people are able to buy and in what quantity – for example a strip of five or a book of twenty.
Uploading prizes is very straightforward; this image shows what a closed raffle looks like (as you can see it’s on the same interface as our Ticket Shop and very easy for guests to navigate).

If you are running an online raffle it is a legal requirement that you register as a lottery. Lotteries are defined in one of two ways; a simple lottery and a complex lottery. An online raffle comes under the definition of a simple lottery as all prizes are allocated wholly by chance.

Covering yourself under The Gambling Act 2005

The majority of jumblebee clients will fit under the Small Society Lottery title. This is defined as a lottery whereby the proceeds are less than £20,000 per lottery or £250,000 per calendar year. If you’re running a huge event you may find you’re in the Large Society Lottery – these are whereby proceeds exceed £20,000 per lottery or £250,000 per calendar year.

If you’re registering as a Small Society Lottery application will be made through your local authority/council. Simple google register under The Gambling Act 2005 and then the name of your local authority – i.e. ‘Register under The Gambling Act 2005 Winchester”. That will take you to this short application. Each authority varies but the cost of application tends to be between £20 and £40.

Large Society Lotteries will need to apply through The Gambling Commission – fees vary. More information and application here.

Follow the link to find out more general information about local authority lotteries.

Covering yourself is very easy to do and well worthwhile to be able to make the most of the platform.

You will need to include your approved license number in your online raffle description.

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