Online Raffle

Revolutionising raffles

We are excited by challenges at jumblebee and love to work with clients on their evolving needs. We are occasionally asked if our technology can provide more than it currently does and we like to say ‘if we don’t do it now, we will build it for you’ – 99% of the time we can and do!

Our online raffle system was created in such a way and now we can’t imagine going back to a traditional raffle, and neither can our clients.

Online raffles can be set up in minutes and are a great addition to smaller fundraising events. You will need to apply for a gambling license in order to run a raffle; this is straightforward and inexpensive and our team is on hand should you need any help during the process

Fun, engaging and environmentally friendly

All the convenience of a raffle with none of the fuss that comes with traditional draws. No more raffle books, no more writing out details or deliberating over which book to buy from, no more ticket stubs strewn dejectedly and messily on the floor – and no more worrying about cash on the night!

Our online raffle is built in a similar format to our ticket shops and offers the same seamless experience as an online auction. Organisers upload a list of the prizes available and there is no limit to the number that you can offer.

When it comes to the draw, our system picks the winners completely at random and the names can be read out by the organisers as well as being projected on screens for that added sense of drama and competition.

Winners are automatically emailed with the details of any prizes that they have won and can either collect them straight away or arrange delivery with the organisers.

Guests find our online raffle engaging, less disruptive than traditional raffles and, because it is so simple, they are more likely to buy more tickets and raise more funds for your important causes.

Find out more about how our online raffles work and how to apply for your license.

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