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A fun and easy way to raise funds

An online silent auction is one of the most fun and successful ways to raise funds for your charity or good cause. We have a range of different auction options available to suit you; the success generated will depend on the level of interest you create, the lots you provide and the engagement amongst your supporters – and we are here to help you garner that support! An online auction can be run privately or publicly (closed or open) – if you set it up as a private auction, only people you share the exact link to your site with will be able to access your auction (often used for school events or smaller parties). If it is a public auction it will be displayed on our website and can be accessed by anyone visiting the site and through social media – a great way to promote your cause to a wider audience.

Why you should run an online auction

Our online auction page allows you to run a professional-looking auction with ease. You can either run your auction solely online or, if you’re having an event, you could run the auction online in the run up and then go live on the evening – there is no difference in cost. If you were to choose an online auction over our live auction your guests would be able to bid anywhere they like; through their smartphones, tablets or on PCs. If you’re running an online charity auction, why not take the opportunity to seek sponsorship to generate more funds. Find out more about how a jumblebee auction works and the different auction options available to you.

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Upgrade to a live auction

Your page is quick and easy to set up and, most importantly, it’s free; jumblebee only charges 5% of the total proceeds after the auction closes, there are no hidden costs on top of that. Have a look at how an auction works from start to finish. Many fundraisers like to combine an online auction with an event – people are able to bid in the weeks leading up to it and then the auction goes live on the evening when your guests are gathered at the event. You can either run this on the night with people bidding from their smart phones or add a professional touch and transfer it to a live auction where jumblebee provides tablets and screens to ensure maximum engagement and enjoyment for your guests.

The auction screens at the event can also display a leaderboard of the current bids and total raised, adding a healthy bit of competition into the mix (although all bidders can remain anonymous if they wish). If you are running a live auction with jumblebee and you also plan on using our ticketing platform we can provide the ticket shop free of charge. We have put together some ideas of pricing and different packages available. For any questions check out our auction FAQs or get in touch; one of our team is read to help.

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