Superstars auctions

Our partner, Superstars can run a paper (also called a sealed bid) auction for you if this is of interested. Also known as a paper auction, a sealed bid auction works by bidder writing their maximum bid for each lot on a piece of paper and placing it in an envelope. The envelopes are then all opened revealing who has won the item. These can work well as a very unobtrusive auction but can be quite unreliable in terms of tracking your fundraising.

If you find yourself in a position where you haven’t got the prizes you need to run a successful auction and you’re looking for more than the jumblebee prizes we have on offer, you could consider a jumblebee live auction with prizes provided by Superstars. We have been partnered with Superstars for over a year and have already run over 100 events with them. Superstars will provide the prizes you need, such as memorabilia, luxury holidays, days out, concerts and experiences. All you need to do is organise your party!

If the event you had in mind doesn’t fit with an electronic auction Superstars can also do a sealed bid auction (known as a paper auction). This is where we would help you put together brochures of the lots, at the event guests would write down their highest bid and then winners would be called out at the end.

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Some of our auctions
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