How we support you

Before a live event

– Whether you’re running a small, private online auction, or holding a live auction for 1,500 people, you will be allocated a senior member of the Team as an Account Manager
– We work with you to give you a personalised and tailored service to ensure you get the best out of your auction
– Access to the online jumblebee support team for all your activities
– Simple set up of auction items via our online auction page, with full support from jumblebee (no spreadsheets for you to fill in!)
– The option for jumblebee to set up your page for you if you prefer
– Free access to run the auction online in advance of your event, with the facility to invite those who can’t attend to enter proxy bids
– Seamless transfers from online auction to live event auction
– Pre-registration of guests if needed
– Fantastic pledge options

On the night

– We will provide as many tablets as are required to service the event; normally two per table of 10-12
– TV Leaderboard screens to view the bids
– An audio visual system (A/V system) to allow you to utilise your screens for leaderboards, slideshows or any information about the event or charity
– You can edit the auction throughout the event, adding new lots or changing the end time. You can also add ‘buy it now’ items

– At live events we will provide a minimum of one technician and one senior jumblebee team member to support the event. Additional event staff are usually provided to assist in registering guests, bidding and answering any queries.
– A team of online technicians is also available to support the team with any technical issues.

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