Fundraising pledges

Whether you have a donate page with us, an online auction or a full live auction, you will almost certainly benefit from adding a pledge button for your charity or good cause – it’s only going to help you raise more funds! We have also developed a couple of other clever ideas that can help with your fundraising. If you’re fundraising for something that can be broken into tangible items you can set pledge amounts for them – i.e. for a hospital – pledge £100 for a bed, £25 for a duvet and pillows and £5 for sheets. This is an excellent way for people to really see where their money is going and just why it is so pivotal to keep on raising funds. If you’re running a live auction we can also engage those competitive guests by running a pledge competition between tables with a leaderboard showing on screens. If you have a specific target in mind why not build that into a graphic where people can visually see how the fundraising is going? This is one we did for Challenge for a Cause.

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