More Fundraising Ideas

Bringing your ideas to life

Only you can decide, realistically, how much time can you set aside to achieve your fundraising goals. If your time is very limited, even with a few lifestyle changes to free up the hours, it’s best to look at something based in the digital world. Have a think about the kind of campaigns that receive attention and thus funding; the internet adores anything strange, quirky or noticeable – let your imagination run wild! To succeed in a world where thousands of new fundraising ideas are submitted every day your idea must stand out.

With your fundraising ideas, it can help to bear in mind the market you are going out to and what it is you are trying to raise funds for. Keep the ideas related to the subject at hand; for example a sponsored Read-A-Thon is perfect if you are trying to raise money to increase the stock in a school library. We’ve put together ideas for schools, charities, sports clubs, individuals, businesses, clubs and societies and villages. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for have a browse the sites on our home page and have a look at the other fundraising ideas people have come up with. Alternatively, check out our FAQs or get in touch, our team would love to help you come up with some ideas for your fundraising.

Where to start?

Firstly you should set up a donate page, it’s always useful to include a target so you have something to work towards and also for people to feel an accomplishment when they donate to see that they’re getting you closer to your target. If you have something to sell you could do a pop-up shop, these are incredibly easy to set up and run, they even work out cheaper than selling your goods on eBay! You may also be interested in an online auction; our auctions are very user friendly and are a fantastic way to quickly build up your funds raised. You can ask local businesses to contribute prizes or come up with innovative prizes you can offer yourself – for example, an evening’s babysitting or a couple of hours ironing.

If you have more time on your hands and you would like to organise an event we have our ticketing pages through which you can sell tickets for your event (if your event is free you can use it as an RSVP platform). At your event you may want to run a raffle – instead of using a traditional ticketed raffle why not consider our online raffle platform? Our online raffles are super easy to use and will be a great way to engage your guests. You can also run your online auction to finish at an event. If you have a slightly larger budget available, why not run a live event auction where our fantastic event team can help ensure your event is a huge success! Our auctions are really flexible so you can add or edit the lots throughout the evening – for example, why not auction off your flower centre-pieces during the auction – or use our buy it now feature! Your fundraising site can also include an information page, a calendar of upcoming events and a noticeboard for people to post relevant information. With jumblebee you really can have all of your fundraising in one place!

To get going set up one of the platforms and then you can add the additional fundraising options to your site. Once you’re good to go send out your URL (this can be personalised to your site) and watch as you start heading towards your fundraising target.

Other forms of fundraising

Check out the individual pages for ideas for schools, individuals, charities, businesses, clubs and societies, sports benefits and villages.

Don’t forget to ask local businesses for donations of prizes to your auctions and of course for sponsorship. For businesses this is a great form of advertising for them and helps them give back to the community.

Make the use of any publicity available to you – publish links on your social media to raise the profile of your fundraising. We are happy to publish about your fundraising on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – just get in touch or use #jumblebee.

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