Fundraising Ideas For Villages

Build the community

Villages are very close knit communities, with everyone looking out for one another. Running fundraising for a village is a perfect way to get everyone involved and bring them even closer together. The likelihood is the fundraising will be either something close to a lot of villagers hearts or it is for something that will inevitably benefit them – be it a new play area in the park or an extension on the village hall. The key is coming up with ideas that are novel and will entice people in.

Don’t forget to push your fundraising on your social media – especially if you have a village Facebook Group. Use the #jumblebee and we can publicise it on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Some ideas for you

An obvious fundraising option for a village is a ball. Tickets can be sold through our ticketing platform, allowing you total visibility of how ticket sales are going. You could then also run an online raffle or an online auction at the event, or even do a live event auction with iPads, TVs and A/V package – check out the auction options available to you. You can also have a donate page for villagers to pledge to. Check out our pledge page for ideas of what you can do with your pledging.

If it’s relevant you could order some village merchandise you could sell through a pop-up shop.

You could also look at getting local businesses to sponsor your fundraising efforts, you can include their logo on your fundraising page and include their details on your information page.

Have a look at our home page to see what other ideas jumblebee fundraisers have come up with. If you’re still stuck get in touch and we’ll be very happy to help.

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