Fundraising Ideas For Sports Benefits

Passionate supporters

One of the best things about raising funds for sporting benefits is how passionate about sports people are. These should be one of the most engaged audiences; organise the right fundraising and you’ll have their backing immediately.

Sports fans, in particular, love to feel part of something, the sense of community they get from supporting their team with fellow supporters around them. The secret is to build a similar community, where goodwill, team spirit and a sense of shared purpose will naturally result in activity, generosity and successful fundraising.

Keep it relevant and interesting

Ideas for fundraising could be a charity game whereby people buy tickets through our ticketing platform. Why not reach out to some local sports heroes, you’d be surprised how receptive they’d be to help out in the name of a good cause or charity. Also, try contacting sports grounds to see if they can offer any tickets or use of a venue for you. Run an auction, remember, with an auction all the lots don’t need to be tangible; can a coach spare a few hours to give the lucky bidder some one on one training time? Or someone could offer their boot cleaning service for one month after practice each week to the lucky winner! The options are endless! Check out our home page for inspiration of some of the current fundraising sites people are running.

It is always useful to have one of our donate pages linked to your fundraising so people can pledge. Also, don’t forget to push your fundraising on your social media, use the #jumblebee and we can publicise it on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – just send us a message on any of them or get in touch with the team who will be more than happy to help.

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