Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Grow your community, grow your funds

If your children are at school, you’re part of the Parents’ Association, or if you work in the Development Department, then you will be used to the constant need to raise funds.

You need your activities to be visible, engaging and therefore productive.

The secret is to build a community, where goodwill, team spirit and a sense of shared purpose will naturally result in activity, generosity and successful fundraising.

jumblebee can provide you with a platform for all of your fundraising needs. This makes your life easier as you can have it all in one place and will enable people to have a clear view of everything you are doing for your fundraising.

Your jumblebee site can have a running total of what you’ve raised, a calendar of upcoming events, a noticeboard for members of your community to post about what is going on at the school or the local area and an information page which you can keep updated. There is also space for sponsorship from local businesses as well as our other tools on offer.

An obvious fundraising option for a school is an event – perhaps a ball for the parents. You can sell tickets through a ticketing page, have an online auction before and then finishing at the event. You could even have a live event auction running on the night. You could also

The options of what you can auction are endless, why not auction off the opportunity to be Head for a day, or to use the school hall as a party venue for an upcoming birthday. Perhaps one of the teachers could offer their services as a babysitter or to take some children to the cinema. At the event you could auction off different puddings for each table – you’d be surprised at how much people will bid for a delicious looking chocolate brownie!

Other fundraising ideas

A good alternative or addition to an auction is an online raffle. Upload your prizes, share the pages and when you’re ready winners will be picked and notified at random.

If you can get some school merchandise you could sell it through a pop-up shop. You could sell tea towels, tote bags, beach towels – you can run a competition for the pupils to enter their best drawing. The options are endless! If you still need a helping hand coming up with ideas for your school fundraising, do get in touch and one of our team will happily brainstorm with you and get your ideas into a reality.

In terms of safety, many of our schools choose to have their page set to private which means only people with the exact url will be able to find your page – we won’t publish it on the home page of our website, or on our social media. For more questions see our frequently asked questions or contact the team.

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