Fundraising Ideas for Businesses

You want to fundraise for your chosen charity, it’s the cornerstone of your Corporate Social Responsibility. It’s also a core statement of your support for the local community and its success is important to your reputation and brand.

If you’re doing fundraising you want it to be visible, successful and ideally, for it to be fun for your employees. Fundraising can be a great way to get everyone engaged, build team spirit and company morale. Giving back to the community can be something all your employees feel proud about and it can also give them a sense of belonging.

Some ideas for you

Here are some of our tried and tested ways that businesses have used jumblebee to build funds for their chosen charity or cause:
Run an auction – prizes can be very easy to get hold of; one of the best ideas we’ve seen is during an office move the company auctioned off all of the furniture, TVs, artwork that wouldn’t be going to the new offices. Other ideas – colleagues can donate items or one of the best things about an auction item is the lots don’t have to be tangible… Why not get the boss to work for a day in the department that bids the most or auction off their car parking space for a week. Alternatively, why not run a tea fairy auction where colleagues offer their services as a tea maker for the winning bidder for a day or even a week!

Run a online raffle. This is a really low stress option for you. Add prizes and send out the URL for people to start buying their tickets. When you’re ready to close the raffle winners will be selected at random and emailed.

Hold an event – why not throw a gala or ball, or, if you have the space, a themed party in the workplace. You can sell tickets through our online ticketing page – then run an online auction finishing on the night, or if you have the budget perhaps use jumblebee iPads, TVs, an AV package and combine it with a live event auction to provide the ultimate auction experience. It also goes without saying you should set up a donate page for any pledges people may want to place. You could even use a donate page as a form of swear jar in the office – Every time someone says a rude word they have to donate an agreed amount (why not scale the amount owed depending on how rude the word is!).

Team work: Have your employees get into teams to compete for the best fundraising ideas. You can have all of their challenges branching off from your main fundraising page so everyone can see how they’re doing compared to the other teams.

Everyone wins – your charity will benefit but so will you. Your company will enjoy enhanced team spirit, corporate commitment and morale which in turn, externally, widens your positive publicity

If you’d like to get more from your fundraising activity, please contact jumblebee today for a confidential and without-obligation discussion of your ideas and ambitions – and give your business the fundraising buzz!

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