Donate Pages

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Donation pages are a great addition to your regular fundraising activities and offer people the option to donate directly to your cause. A donations page can complement your existing jumblebee page or can be set up independently. It’s quick to set up and very easy to use – you’ll be able to process donations straightaway.

jumblebees fees are minimal, just 2% of total funds raised through donations (plus credit card payment fees – 2.4% through Stripe). We can collect Gift Aid on behalf of your chosen charity or cause and then transfer it directly to you. We only take our % from the funds raised (not funds raised + gift aid unlike most other donation platforms).

Direct Donations

Our jumblebee platform can host a whole range of different pledging options and if there’s anything we don’t currently do, just ask! You don’t have to be a registered charity to have a donations page through jumblebee, you can collect donations for any good cause. jumblebee does reserve the right to block any pages that are inappropriate in any way. For inspiration on what your donation page could do for you check out the Alex Lewis Trust page and also the Red Trouser Day page, or see our fundraising ideas page.

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Some of our donate pages
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